Viewing / Inspection

We at SpainSA have a policy of refunding the cost* of the trip upon completion of purchase of one of our new properties. *A refund of up to a total of  400 (by prior arrangement) for two adults applies to new property and subjected to the purchase price. 

Dates and times for the viewing can be flexible to fit in with your requirements. All our inspections or viewing are based on One to One basis. You will by prior arrangement be met at Alicante or San Javier airport and transferred to your hotel. You will be taken to the  properties selected by you with our representative. You will have the opportunity to gain an overview of the surrounding location. It is in your interest to gather as much information as possible that the local area has to offer, hence please do ask questions.

Subject to flight availability, trips to view properties can be arranged to incorporate the weekend for those who are short of time i.e. fly on Friday and return on Monday. One or two weekdays are recommended so that you are able to open a bank account and see the solicitor. In certain cases like the villas, one may require to see the architect for the changes required to the property.

Please note that we promote properties on behalf of the developers. Every effort has been made to provide correct information to our clients, however, it is in your interest to speak to the solicitors prior to purchasing property. We cannot be held responsible for any actions of the builders / developers or any information which was withheld from us by the sellers at the time of purchase. If you are not sure of the product, we recommend to have a rethink. It is in your interest not to presume things, moreover, we would like our clients to be sure of the purchase and not to walk into commitment which they may regret later.

Do not hesitate to ask us questions, we will be more than happy to help you.

For more information please contact us on phone:+44[0] 20 8384 2634 or email us using our
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