Dos Playas

Two or Three bedroom Penthouse Apartments

This new development situated in the northern part of La Manga with unique position that enjoys excellent unobstructed views of both the Mediterranean and Mar Menor sea. It also enjoys two beaches on either side of the development. neighbouring developments also enhances this development providing hotel facilities, close by is the new extension of Thomas Maestra Marina where some new bars and cafe's and restaurants are going to open in near future. Approximately 11/2 km south is the new commercial center being built and the proposed new marina on the Mediterranean side. The area has lot to offer to both individuals and investors as the land on the sleeve of La manga is running out. 

Three Bedroom Penthouse Apartment: Description and Sizes as supplied by the developers

2 bedrooms Penthouse

Recibidor 2,63 
Salón 20,00
Aseo 3,02 
Cocina 5,46 
Cocina 8,96 
1 Dormitorio 8,96 
Dormitorio Principal 12,29 
Baño 4,20 
Galería 1,44 
Terraza 27,18 
Solarium 73,90 
Superficie Construida 87,61 
Superficie con comunes 177,95
3 Bedrooms Penthouse (7 floor)

Recibidor 2,63 
Salón 19,51 
Aseo 3,02 
Cocina 5,89 
Pasillo 3,69 
1 Dormitorio 8,06 
1 Dormitorio 8,06 
Dormitorio Principal 12,01 
Baño 3,76 
Galería 1,44 
Terraza 29,23 
Solarium 51,63 
Superficie Construida 96,32 
Superficie con comunes 118,24 

3 Bedrooms Penthouse 

Recibidor 2,63 
Salón 19,15 
Aseo 3,02 
Cocina 5,89 
1 Dormitorio 8,06 
1 Dormitorio 8,06 
Dormitorio Principal 12,01
Baño 4,50 
Galería 1,44 
Terraza 27,08 
Solarium 83,13 
Superficie Construida 93,93 
Superficie con comunes 95,87 

Two Bed Penthouse Apartment
Three Bedrooms Penthouse in two different floor plans

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Price : From   Euro 286,006 - 2bed
                                                               Euro 321,165 - 3bed                                      

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